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Some top engineering colleges in UP are: 1)JSS Academy of Technical Education - JSSATE Noida 2)Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University - JIIT India 3)Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology....
Some of the important Engineering entrance exams are : * Kerala Engineering Entrance Exam - KEAM *Karnataka Engineering Entrance exam - Karnataka CET *All India Engineering Entrance Exam - AIEEE * Maharashtra Engineering....

Top Btech Colleges india

The Bachelor of Technology degree is used by the highly  grade and autonomous  colleges  such as Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIITs), National Institutes of Technology (NITs) and Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT formerly UDCT) for occupational,  engineering programs. Most other colleges in India are affiliated to a university and thus use the Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) degree. In India, the Bachelor of Technology degree is a professional engineering degree awarded after completion of 4-years of comprehensive, vast engineering study and. Disquisition In India B. Tech is otherwise called as BE Eng/BE. Some universities offer it as B Tech & some as BEng/BE. However, the name of degree doesn’t make any difference viz., as the syllabus of AICTE/UGC is standard all across. Mostly all autonomous government organization confer a B.Tech degree and private institutes which are affiliated to regional universities confer BE degree.

The engineering approach uses technology and scientific techniques and methods to improve the quality of our lives, both parsimoniously and socially, engineering demands teamwork, verge, research and analysis skills. It involves communicating with end-user customers to ensure that they gain maximum benefit from engineering solution.

Take a example a new mobile phone model, a bridge, relating to or denoting the arteries that surround and supply the heart. pacemaker or device, a multi –storey building, a software application that controls a building energy system , a novel product for a market that does not yet exist , a superior way to manufacture a product or an urban water supply system . Engineers contribute to the design, operation and nourishment, of these products and systems.try to image life without the creations of engineers.

It is great profession. There is the fascination of watching a figment of the imagination emerge through the aid of science to a plan on paper. Then it moves to a receipt  in stone or metal or power . Then it brings jobs and homes to men. Then it elevate the standards of living and ads to the comforts of life. That it is the engineer high importance..

There are various specialization of engineering computer science &engineering

Computer science is a movable, and versatile subject that promises a galore of chance for today     involving or denoting a speed greater than that of sound generation. The first year of the course cover broad subject areas in the field of computer network, computer hardware and basic, computer application. By the time a student moves towards his fourth year of study he would have a detailed understanding of the nitty-gritty’s subject.

B .tech electronics & communication engineering

The electronics and communication industry is an emerging and expanding area of technology. Communication industry is one of the few diligences in the world that is posting relevant, high growth.

B .tech mechanical engineering

The traces of application of mechanical engineering can be found in all the fields.  It involves the understanding and applicability of laws and principles of physics to analyze, design, manufacture and upkeep mechanical and other mechanical systems work and how they are designed. How do the gearbox, clutch and engine in a car operate? This mechanical engineering course covers a lot more than just engines.

B .tech civil engineering

Civil engineering is a broad field of engineering dealing with the design, maintenance of fixed structure or public works as they are related to earth. Water, or decency, and their processes. It is the oldest of all engineering fields.

B .tech information technology

The course is job oriented and tailored to changing needs of aspiring it professionals. The focus is on equipping the students with the know. How of designing, developing, maintaining and analyzing business information system. The course offer students an opportunity to understand the principles and acquire the skills to develop the advanced software that underpins major technology

The practice of engineering does not exist outside the domain of societal interests. That is. The practice of engineering has an inherent and unavoidable impact an society.

In light of the above fact, we are antasthenic the engineering discipline in such a way so that we can play an instrumental role to build the new world.

Eligibility of b .tech is candidate must have passed 10+2 from any affiliated /boards with mathematics and physics as the compulsory subject along with any one optional subject from chemistry/bio-technology/ computer sciences/ biology.

For lateral entry of b .tech, the candidate must have passed three year diploma en engineering course securing minimum 60% marks in aggregate or three years degree with mathematics as one subject securing minimum 60% marks in aggregate.
Candidate must have passed 10+2 or equivalent examination with a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (Joint Entrance Examination) on All India Merit Basis. The admission will be done strictly on All India JEE Examination merit. Each state have their own engineering entrance examinations. There are  many state & national level exams for colleges  like IIT for all centers(Jee mains) There are other better  colleges  to chose like NIT , VIT, BIT  and many more colleges.

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